I spent my 19thbirthday flat on my back…and the two days that followed.  Unfortunately, this painful scenario was only a preview of what was to come for the next 25 years. A herniated disc, spondylithesis and inoperable degenerative disc disease left me in constant pain.  As an RN, I sought treatment through the usual paths… physical therapy, a back brace, pain medication and consulted the best surgeons.  My back, however, was not getting any better.  As the years progressed, my pain only got worse.  I needed a new solution.

I began researching Ida Rolf and the benefits of Structural Integration after two family members were Rolfed.  Their results were overwhelmingly positive, but would it work for me?  Could the damaging effects of gravity on my spine be healed or possibly reversed?  Was Rolfing the therapy that would improve my quality of life?

That’s when Amy Adamczak entered my life.  After careful analysis, she went to work.  The Rolfing sessions focused on different areas each week and varied in intensity. Slowly, my body was morphing.  Every week, Amy worked patiently and diligently to correct the damaging effects of time and gravity.  I felt more flexible, lighter, straighter, and even taller.  My headaches were less frequent.  And my back pain was abating.  I came to understand how my body interconnected in a way I had never learned in nursing school.  I also experienced tremendous improvement in my spiritual and emotional well-being. Physical change is only one of the benefits that Rolfing provides.

Amy was always calm, compassionate and comforting.  Even during very intense sessions, Amy was professional, gentle and steady.  I trusted her implicit ability to “read” my body’s deficits and determine the root origin. Amy’s knowledge of physiology, combined with her intuitive touch, produced tremendous and positive change in my overall health.  Amy has given me the gift of improved health and I am immensely thankful.
Mary B. age 45


I undertook Rolfing with Amy Adamczak following an accumulated array of work-related neck and spine maladies that I assumed would be permanent and progressively debilitating.  The first three sessions were beneficial… Upon leaving the fourth session I felt as if a dark cloud had been lifted from my being.  Subsequent sessions helped to restore a misplaced sense of optimism about my physical and general well-being.
Two years hence — I’m lighter, more active and more aware of my body.
Amy’s work resulted in me feeling younger and more flexible– no small feat given my state of my prior to working with her.
Michael S. age 35
My energy level has increased considerably since I started Rolfing.  I feel more confident in the use and control of my body.  It seems like my body is now in proportion.  My level of walking is more in balance.  The resdistribution of fascia in my chest and side cavities gives the apprearance that I might have had liposuction.
Jan R. age 70

The Rolfing process I began 2 years ago became a launching point for an injury free training regiment that resulted in progress and achievement that surprised me!  The improvement in flexibility and awareness of body mechanics were two major benefits I experienced as a result of working with Amy.  I recommend the Rolfing process with Amy for anyone.
Scott S. Ironman Triathlete

Rolfing has increased my body awareness.  My balance, footwork and athleticism seem to be improved.  I have been an athlete my entire life yet I still see and feel some noticeable changes after my Rolfing sessions.  It seems my body symmetry has improved and I experience this new feeling while walking, moving or exercising.  No wonder many athletes endorse Rolfing as a means to enhance their athleticism.
Tuffy R. age 70


Rolfing was more than just physically realigning my skeletal structure, it really taught me to be aware of my own body.The realignment did help to eliminate most of my back and knee pain, but there was so much more.  I learned how to use my mind to control and manipulate my body in ways that I never dreamt possible.  We are all given a body, but few of us really
know what it does or its potential.  I would recommend Rolfing, especially
with Amy Adamczak, to anyone interested in opening there eyes to a new world
of self awareness.”
Chad C age 28

My situation was an unusual one that was very much improved after my Rolfing sessions.

In 1982, I was in a severe automobile accident that resulted with me having multiple injuries. The worst of these resulted from my femur going through my pelvis, which destroyed my hip joint.  I was 22 years old at the time and had to have my left femur and pelvis fused together.  This left my without a functional hip joint and eliminated my movement there.  With this, I had to modify the way I did many everyday things, such as walking, getting dressed, sitting, putting on shoes, etc.

In December of 2003, I was able to get a total hip replacement.  I went through three months of physcial therapy and I still had limited movement with this hip due to atrophy and muscle and ligament shrinkage over the years.  My entire body was out of alignment because of the way I had to stand and compensate over time when I didn’t have a hip joint.

After the surgery and physical therapy, I had a very detailed medical physical examination, and I was referred to a Certified Rolfer, Amy Adamczak.  My doctor recommended that I go through a series of Rolfing sessions to regain mobility in my hip and to get my body realigned properly.

I was skeptical at first, but decided to give Rolfing a try.  I did not notice much change after the first two sessions, but by the third visit I had greater range of motion in my hip joint and noticed that I was walking better.  By the time I completed the ten sessions, I gained mobility back in my hip and could do normal things again.  I now stand straight because my hips, back and shoulders are aligned properly.  I can walk without the limp I had for so many years.  Amy has improved my life with her knowledge and Rolfing techniques.

I sent my wife to Amy because she had neck and shoulder pain, and I would highly recommend Amy Adamczak to anyone who has had injuries, pain, or muscular related problems.
Dan M. age 46


I suffered a groin injury in 1995 and sought medical advice from my family doctor.  After seeing no results from his treatment, I began seeing specialists, taking lots of medications, having numerous medical tests, X-rays, physical therapy, and even had a surgeon do an exploratory operation to see if he could determine the cause of my pain.  This went on for seven years, and not only did I not see any improvement in my pain, but the pain spread from my right groin to the entire right side of my body (from head to toe.)In 2003 I was at an all time low both physically and mentally and willing to try anything to resolve this pain issue because it was destroying my life.  That’s when a friend told me about Rolfing and what it had done for him.  I realized I had nothing to lose, so with my skeptical attitude and aching body I got on my computer and did a little research on the Rolfing process.  I selected a Rolfer from the list on the computer and made an appointment to see Amy Adamczak.  I told her from the beginning that I had very little faith in what she was doing, and that she had five visits to show me some improvement because I was tired of services that did not produce results.

After the first two visits I really didn’t see any improvement.  Desperation for some kind of improvment in my pain situation caused me to follow her instructions and continue.  Then it hit me, a couple of days after my fourth session I noticed that some of the tightness in my right leg was going away and the range of motion in my neck was beginning to improve.  This was more improvement than I had seen in seven years.

I saw more and more improvement each week.  I felt like “Wow!” this is actually working.  I continued for a total of sixteen visits and reduced my pain level by about 95%.  I haven’t been in for a session for eight months and I still feel great.

Today I am a true believer in Ms. Adamczak’s ability and would encourage those who are in pain to try five or ten sessions to see if she can improve your situation.
The range of motion and strength I have today in the right side of my body is remarkable when I consider the level of discomfort I was in for those 7 painful years.  . . . My only regret is that I didn’t meet Amy seven years earlier.
Ed. S. age 35